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IM Cold War

Alec Saunders took the idea I had about IM a little farther and wrote this piece on the IM Cold War, which of course precipiated with the report that Skype had been broken. I had forgotten, or perhaps didn’t really care about the fact that MSN and Yahoo are federating their networks, but that’s another “partial thaw” in the cold war. Maybe I don’t care because I’ve resigned myself to using Adium.

I would like to see a totally federated IM world. The one question I have is, when the revolution does come (or rather if it comes), how are we going to resolve the fact that many people have more than one “identity.” After all, I have an account on AIM, MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, GTalk, Skype, and Gizmo Project. How is that apparent “conflict” going to be resolved?

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