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SightSpeed and Blogs

Fellow VoIP Blogger Jon Arnold was tickled to see his nice words about SightSpeed sighted on the SightSpeed website under the Blog Highlights section in the Press section. I recognize many of the blog entries here, including some words I recently wrote.

While it is debatable that blogs are part of the new “press,” it is clear that blogs are having an impact on things outside of cyberspace. One only need to look at the conventional press coverage that the whole Amanda Congdon / RocketBoom schism has gotten. Or maybe the fact that former CBS News Anchor Dan Rather got fired by the network because he got outed by a blogger on a story he fabricated. Bloggers certainly aren’t the whole story, but they are an increasingly important part of the media that must be accounted for.

I don’t think it’s any accident that SightSpeed is big on bloggers. Guess who does their PR? None other than Andy Abramson, who is quite the blogger himself. He definitely understands how the blogosphere works, understands the power of the blogosphere, and clearly uses that understanding to benefit his clients.

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