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PhoneGnome Can Record Your Calls Too

David Beckemeyer and crew does it again by making it possible to record a call on your PhoneGnome. Dial **732 + the usual number and then you’ll have a WAV file ready and waiting for you on your MyPhoneGnome portal. If you’re in the US, make sure you don’t 7 digit dial or the feature will not work (and you’ll get the PhoneGnome Configuration Menu).

While this is yet another cool PhoneGnome feature, it does raise an issue, namely the legal one. I know it’s not legal to record calls everywhere unless all parties are aware it’s happening. Based on my brief testing, it doesn’t appear to notify the remote party that their call is being recorded. This is one thing the Gizmo Project client seems to do in a very brief and unobtrusive manner.

PhoneGnome does give an appropriate legal warning on the MyPhoneGnome site where you retrieve the recordings (under Call Analysis > Recorded Calls). The phrase “with great power comes great responsibility” comes to mind here.

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