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The World Isn’t Windows

So I got a spam press release this morning from AOL informing me their new AIM Pro is available for download. The email proceeded to describe the various cool features this application has and so on. I clicked on the link (yes, I made sure it was the link wasn’t to some phishing site first), and saw similar information with a download link. Firefox came up and said this was a DOS Executable and asked me if I wanted to save it, etc. No, of course not. I have a MacBook and don’t use Windows on my main computers (though my work computer uses it).

How hard is it to put somewhere on the page or mention somewhere in the press release that Windows is required to use this software? While it is still true that the vast majority of the computing public runs Windows, not everyone does. Some of us use Linux or MacOS (both of which I use on different systems), not to mention any number of other platforms people could be using.

To AOL’s credit, they list the system requirements on the FAQ page, but somewhere near the download link they should mention *it’s for Windows only. *How hard is it to add a couple of *very pertinent words *to a web page?

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