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My FON Router Has Arrived

About three weeks ago, I had ordered a $5 router from FON, which is trying to build a WiFi network out of people buying heavily subsidized routers and sharing their Internet access. I started to worry because it had been almost three weeks and I hadn’t heard anything from FON. A look around their message boards found this thread where various people are complaining that they haven’t gotten their router and are not getting a response from customer service. That being said, routers were showing up around the timeframe they said, which was 2 to 3 weeks.

After I sent the second email to the FON folks about not getting a tracking number, I discovered that my router, in fact, *had *been delivered to my house–that day in fact. I simply search for my order number as the “alternate tracking information on FedEx as suggested on the forums along with my zipcode and lo and behold, FedEx said the package was left at my front door.

I did eventually get my router. I have no idea how well it works yet, since I’m not home, but I’l plug it in either tomorrow night when I get home or I’ll plug it in over the weekend and see how it flies.

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