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SightSpeed versus Skype Video, Part 2

My last attempt at “testing” Skype Video on a PC didn’t work so well. I probably shouldn’t use my wife’s computer for these tests, so instead I went with a WinXP laptop I had up in my office and repeated the test, comparing Skype and SightSpeed Video Calling.

As “reference” material, I used two different scenes: my PC had it’s webcam out the window where the wind was blowing. You could see movement in the bushes fairly easily. In front of my MacBook, I had an Olympia InfoGlobe with CallerID. I also used SightSpeed to record a sample of the InfoGlobe.

When I performed both the Skype and SightSpeed call within the same LAN, I got excellent results on both. I expect that since the connection is low-latency, there isn’t a whole lot to correct. When I put the PC on the 1.5 mb DSL link and left my MacBook on the 8mb cable connection, the game was on.

The winner? SightSpeed. Clearer, crisper video. The colors were more correct, the video was more full motion. Oh sure Skype was decent, but SightSpeed is far and away better.

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