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Multi VoIP Client Conferencing?

Andy Abramson and I called each other simultanously from within two different VoIP clients on the same computer. We both were using a Mac. We started our call on SightSpeed. While the SightSpeed call was in progress, Andy called me on Gizmo Project. I heard Andy twice, he heard me twice. At one point, I was speaking to him over Gizmo Project and he was responding via SightSpeed. Or was it vice-versa, I can’t remember.

While I thought this might make it possible for two or more VoIP applications to “share each other’s audio,” it’s way more complicated than that. What you have to do is take the output audio from one VoIP application plus your microphone and send that to the input of a second VoIP application. Conversely, you have to take your mic plus the output from the second VoIP application and send it to the first. Oh yeah, and you’re also supposed to be able to hear both VoIP applications as well. And, for the final touch, not hear yourself in your headset.</p> </i>I have to assume someone has figured out how to do this. Of course, if everyone used open standards and didn’t employ the walled garden approach, this whole thing would be moot. I could use the client of my choice, call into a conference bridge with a SIP URL (or some other “standard”), and everyone else would as well. But such is life in the multi-standard world.

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