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I’m being quoted in Foreign Language Blogs

One thing I follow is my Technorati Feed, which comes in my RSS reader. It seems to do a good job of picking up mentions of my name in the blogosphere. While I’m not mentioned often, I do get the occasional mention. Two of the three most recent at this time are quotes on both in different languages: Accedere a Skype dal telefonino (Italian) and Los WiFiPhones llegaron a la tapa de la Gran Manzana (Portuguese Spanish). To these blogs I say grazie and obrigado gracias respectively. Of course, these are Google Translations and may not, therefore, be the most appropriate or accurate words to use.

What was the other one? It was Andy Abramson noticing that I am “maturing as a writer.” Thanks, Andy. That means a lot coming from a big leaguer such as yourself.

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