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Where is Google Getting Its Info?

I did a Google to see if anyone else had written about the Linksys WBP54G and the Mac. I was surprised to find that my post I did a couple of days ago is the first hit on Google, but notice the title for my site in the search result:

What? That has never been my site title. Where is Google getting this crap? So I hunted around Google’s help and found this article that explains they may get information from sources such as the Open Directory Project. Sure enough, in ODP, my site is listed as Phoneboy FireWall-1 FAQs under the category Computers : Security : Firewalls : FAQs, Help, and Tutorials. That was my site–several years ago.

Meanwhile, I have submitted an update to the ODP folks to get my site moved into a different area of the directory. I’ve also added the NOODP meta tag to my site so when Google spiders my site, they won’t trust information they might get from ODP. I can maintain my own meta information, thank you very much. :)

Moral of the story: it pays to occasionally Google yourself to see how Google lists you. If you don’t like the results, in theory you can change them.

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