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Declared “Geek of the Week” by Andy and Ken

Last night I gave World Tech Round Up hosts Andy Abramson and Ken Rutkowski an email letting them know they shouldn’t suggest using WEP for security (basically a modified version of my KenRadio Gives Bad WiFi Security Advice posting). I got a pleasant surprise today when Andy told me I was “Geek of the Week” on KenRadio for my letter. I was even more pleasantly surprised when I heard the cool things Andy said about me on today’s program. I am honored to have such kind things said about me on such a widely heard program. My only complaint was my name was mis-pronounced :) . (I tried to get rid of that damned ‘E’ in my name when I was a kid, honest.)

While I recommend listening to KenRadio every day, make you listen to today’s show. My mention begins 31:07 into it.

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