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Bloggers Are Serious Business

I had a nice posting all written up about this article that Andy pointed me at from The Washington Post, but I made a stupid editing mistake and lost it. Oh well, maybe that’s for the better.

The big thing this article talks about is how bloggers play a role in getting the word out about new products. Andy Abramson makes a living doing this, and he does quite well at it. He’s also quoted in this story.

Companies are starting to contact individual bloggers such as myself and are. The trick is for companies to associate themselves with bloggers who are passionate about the subject area. From that passion will flow a lot of feedback–some good, some not so good. The blogosphere is going to talk about your product if it’s good or bad. By participating in the discussion one blogger at a time, you as a company get at least some say in the conversation.

One word on “gifts” and how they might affects bloggers judgement. Sure, I will concede is a possible issue. I do not believe it is an issue for any blogger worth their salt. The trick with “gifts” is to give the blogger just what they need to write about your product and not go overboard. That means a free bottle of wine or buying someone a USB video camera. It enables the blogger to do what he does best: write about something he’s passionate about.

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