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Trying a new Blogging Platform

I found out about Vox from listening to a recent episode of the Inside the Net podcast. It sounded like an interesting thing, but unfortunately it is still a closed beta. I signed up, hoping I would eventually get a chance to try it out.

A few days ago, I got my account on Vox, and here it is: PhoneBoy’s Personal Blog. I haven’t put a whole lot there yet, but I think it’s a perfectly reasonable place to put items of a more personal nature, e.g. some of my photos and topics that don’t relate to the core topics I generally cover on this blog, which are VoIP, Telecom, and Technology.

Vox is interesting because it combines blogging with the idea of social networking. It hooks in with some other services (e.g. Flickr) and also gives you a way of making stuff “semi-private.” That means I can make a blog entry that only people I’ve marked as “friends” or “family” can see. I don’t have to broadcast everything to the world if I don’t want to, but I probably will anyway. It’s also fairly easy to use, too. Now it’s not as flexible because it’s really designed for newbies, but it’s got enough stuff in it that I’ll be happy for a while.

I also got a couple of invites with my account, so I sent one over to Ken Camp. Ken’s busy with the VoIP developer conference, so he hasn’t played with it too much yet.

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