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Need Help Finding a VoIP Provider?

Props to Alec Saunders for pointing this out. I had a look at and, quite frankly, this is the kind of thing Marcelo wanted to do with Voxilla’s provider comparison wizard, but it became one of the many constantly changing priorities. So much to do, so little time.

Anyway, this site is pretty cool. You can search on providers that offer numbers on your area code (US and Canada only), on price, on availability of specific features, and select up to four different providers to compare/contrast the options. They appear to have many service providers listed, though they will list many providers more than one as each “plan” offered by a provider is a separate line item. There’s also a lot of explanations and information for people diving into the whole VoIP thing, which is a bonus.

The biggest complaint I have is that you can’t search for BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) providers, though they are noted in the individual plans under Hardware. That was a check box that was put into the Voxilla wizard very early in the process.

Oh well, I’m currently using Gizmo Project to make most of my VoIP calls and I am quite satisfied.

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