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Alec Saunders does a great overview on this service called Hullo which is basically a call manager that uses VoIP. It’s a whole lot of “click to call” type stuff. It will use your PC to make and receive calls, or you can “control” calls on different handsets as well. Want to transfer a call from your landline to your mobile while you’re on it? No problem, Hullo handles it. Right now the service is free for US/Canada calls.

My big complaint with this “service” is that it relies on an application on a Windows PC. Regular readers of this blog realize I don’t do Windows any more than I have to. My desktop machine is a MacBook. I have a Windows laptop for work and various “beater” machines that run Windows. But it’s not an OS I make use of. While I understand that some things just “are” Windows specific, the basic functionality of this program could be implemented in a web browser–other people certainly have. Heck, you can even do the VoIP portion in a browser too, using something like Abbeyphone’s VoIP Extension for Firefox or other similar tools.

I’ve signed up for this service, but until I see a web or Mac version, it’s not going to be something I make a whole lot of use of.

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