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Taking Mobile Blogging for Granted

This evening, I was out with several of my co-workers. We had dinner in downtown Baltimore, went out and took a Water Taxi over to Fells Point. Along the way I took several snapshots on my Nokia E70 and posted them on my personal blog. The first batch was posted on the way to Fells Point, the other batch was posted leaving Fells Point. All from my phone with minimal fuss.

My co-workers, who knew I took the pictures–one even helped take a picture or two of me, wanted copies of the pictures. I told them, “just go to my blog. They’ll be online in a few minutes.” My co-workers were somewhat amazed. Not because they’re not techies, but because it’s not something they do–yet. It’s something I do all the time and I don’t even think “gee, this is amazing.” It’s just a normal part of my existance.

Between the handset and the blog software, speaking your mind from anywhere anytime is becoming easier than ever before. I predict we will see blogs generated entirely from mobile phones with pictures, audio, and video–all captured by and uploaded from the phone. It’s not a matter of if, it’s when.

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