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Power Is Hard to Find in ORD

When I was at BWI, I bought a Powerpod 4-way Cellular Charging Kit. I was looking for a straight USB charger for my Nokia phones, but when I saw this, I thought this would be good. I had told the clerk “I wanted one of these so I could charge my phone and my laptop at the same time.” The clerk responded “power plugs are plentiful, aren’t they?” In the Baltimore airport on the D concourse, that was most certainly the case. I saw them all over. Heck, I managed to end up next to one in the restaurant I ended up in. Chicago/O’Hare in the C councourse is another matter entirely. I am currently sitting on the floor next to a jewlery shop next to my gate where I have found a power adapter hidden behind it.

Oh well, at least I have been told the secret of my company’s T-Mobile Hotspot access, which seems to work here in Chicago. I am “roaming” which means there will be an extra charge on my bill, but at least I don’t have to dig my credit card out of the wallet to get online. Still, an extra $4.95 for the hour or so that I’m going to use it seems just a bit excessive. 

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