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Finally on Voxilla

Marcelo finally posted my article on Voxilla today:

Marcelo decided my “opinions” written in what I had posted should be in a different article, so that’s where they will go. No problem there. He also spruced it up quite a bit. Marcelo’s a journalist by background, so he’s got a lot more experience in writing a good news piece. I have a bit to learn in this area, obviously. :)

Back in the mid-1990s, I interviewed at one of the IT trade rags (I believe it was at Ziff-Davis). I thought it might be a fun job to write about technology, though the pay wasn’t all that great. I kind of write about technology in my blog, but it’s not like I subject my rants to copyediting or any other sanity checks, and I don’t get paid for it. I do get paid to write articles about, well, products my employer sells and supports. I’ve gotten paid (through book royalties) to write about FireWall-1, though it’s not as though I managed to make a ton of money at it. Maybe someday I can get paid well to write tech.

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