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A Little Decompression

It’s the Labor Day weekend here in the US. I also took yesterday off given I didn’t get home until 3am, thus making it a longer weekend. :)

I had planned to do one of my “scattershot” posts where I link to a lot of items and comment on them, but I fell asleep in front of the keyboard. It was obvious that I really needed to catch up on my sleep after a week of partying with my co-workers. :)

One thing I did this week was get to tell people, in person, why I liked certain technologies. SightSpeed came up a lot in personal conversations as did Macs. In fact, after I had whipped out my MacBook alongside another co-worker who had a MacBook Pro, it was enough to convince another co-worker to go out and buy one right then and there.

Maybe this evening I’ll get to my scattershot post. Meanwhile, it’s family time.

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