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Happy Birthday, Jeff Pulver

As promised earlier, I am posting a picture of myself wearing a Hawaiian shirt in honor of Jeff Pulver’s Birthday. Happy Birthday, Jeff! Feel free to post your links to your own Hawaiian shirt pictures below.

My shirt was purchased while I was in Hawaii about 5 years ago from Hilo Hattie when I was in Hawaii for my high school reunion. While I did go to high school in Hawaii, all of the time prior was spent living around Santa Cruz, CA. My mom lived moved to Hawaii sometime during my childhood and would frequently send me Hawaiian shirts, which I wore all the time for a while. It was, for a time, my “signature shirt” as well.

At some point, probably around the time I got together with my wife, I got rid of most of my Hawaiian shirts. In fact, the one I bought at Hilo Hattie was the first one I had in quite some time. My wife recently bought me another Hawaiian shirt. I might need to buy some more because I really do like them. :)

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