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Ubuntu–on an Apple iBook

A couple of days ago I was lamenting how I was having problems reinstalling MacOS 10.3 on this iBook I have. Today, I decided “screw it, I’ll load Ubuntu.” Back when I ordered some Ubuntu disks, I ordered a PowerPC disk. Just in case. Well the time came when it was real handy. :)

The installation process went more or less without a hitch. I stuck the CD in, held down the ‘C’ key to have the system boot from CD, and walked through the Ubuntu installation process like I’ve done several other times on PC hardware. Now I’m doing all the security updates and I loaded NetworkManager on it, which provides a way to manage the WiFi settings (WPA, etc).

Having only one mouse button on the iBook trackpad is very annoying, however. I had to plug in an external USB mouse to be able to do certain things.

There will undoubtedly be some issues like the fact that PowerPC platforms don’t have Flash or many of the audio codecs. However, this isn’t a particularly fast machine, so I’m not going to use it for that kind of stuff. It will make a nice little wardriving machine, though, and will certainly be amusing for the folks at the local Linux Users Group.

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