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Voxilla is On Their SoapVox

While I officially parted ways with Voxilla a few months ago, I still keep in touch with the folks there. I was excited to see that they finally got their “SoapVox” up and running, which is basically a blog, though the postings end up on their newly-designed forums at the moment.

As a public service, I am providing links to the RSS feeds, since it’s not entirely obvious:

Marcelo’s first post basically ranted on the state of the “hollow echo” of the VoIP blogosphere. While there is certainly a bit of that going on, a real community of us have formed. Hopefully Marcelo will take the time to participate in it. 

So far, I think Lonnie’s posts are the most compelling, mostly because they are giving a little insight into what’s going on inside Voxilla. The first few are also big on dogfood, i.e.  showing how they don’t just sell the stuff, they *use *it. It’s a part of their business. And based on my experience, these accounts are totally accurate. Hopefully Lonnie can keep providing this kind of insight on his SoapVox on a regular basis. 

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