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Alarming Part of Triple Play?

Garrett Smith thinks it might be a wise idea for the pure-play VoIP providers of the world like Vonage and Packet8 to get a triple play of their own: Voice, Video, and Alarm. He mentions NextAlarm, which has been a partner of Voxilla for a while now. In the interest of transparency, NextAlarm has me on retainer to provide general advise. 

I’m looking for the “me different” here, and while I have to give some credit to SunRocket for extreme cleverness, I think the advantage they gain by this arrangement will be minimal. If it proves to be successful, others will quickly get the same idea and offer the same combo. Seems more like a “feature” rather than something unique, but maybe I’m wrong. And what’s to stop the incumbent phone companies from offering the same thng? 

I think the only way we’re going to see a pure-play VoIP stand out is if they offer something that is “me different.” Right now, I just don’t see that. 


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