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Why We Torture Ourselves

I’m asking myself why I willingly took a red-eye flight to the East Coast. The theory is, you can be home with your family all day, go to the airport, you’ll sleep on the flight there and awake refreshed and ready to do business the next day. The reality is, the flight isn’t quite long enough for a reasonable amount of sleep, you sleep like &%$@, and you spend the next day zombified and/or extremely jacked up on coffee or whatever stimulant you choose.

I took my red-eye flight from Seattle to Washington/Dulles. I hooked myself into a stream of music along the way–a stream I spent too long assembling the day before. I need an iPod or an easier way to sync music between my MacBook and my Nokia phones. I don’t know that I’d call what I got sleep, but my consciousness level on the plane did vary.

Meanwhile, business must go on. I have had my cup of jo and some breakfast. Time to go get the rental car and get on with business.

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