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Security and VoIP

Marcelo has me writing another article for Voxilla, this time on the security issues and VoIP. This time I’m going to be smart and not post the draft article to my blog like I did last time. :)

I interviewed three different people for this story: Ravi Sakaria, the CEO of VoicePulse, Brooke Schulz, the PR person at Vonage, and Sherman Scholten, the Marketing Director at Sipura. I heard some rather interesting things about VoIP as a result. While I will leave some of the details for my story, I will say this: The Sipura SPA-2000 version 2.0 firmware is going to rock!

It was fun to write this story. It got me back to my background — network security issues. I don’t get enough of that in my current job.

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