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When’s a Laptop Not? When The Battery is Fubar!

I turned on my MacBook last night after having been out of town for a couple days. I didn’t use it much yesterday because, quite frankly, I was tired and wanted to avoid getting sucked into the void of the Internet. This morning when I came upstairs, I noticed my MacBook was claiming it had no battery. I unplugged it and sure enough, it powered off. Some Googling suggested that others were having similar issues as well. There’s also a thread on Apple’s Forums about it.

So I called AppleCare, they took my credit card information (I was outside of the 90 day support window), and they, sure enough, determined it was a battery issue. Since I’m still in my 1-year warranty window, they will replace the battery for free, but still wanted to keep my credit card information in case I didn’t return the battery. Fat chance. (Note to self: talk to wife about getting AppleCare on MacBook). I should get the new battery in 3 -5 days, assuming they are in-stock.

Meanwhile, my MacBook isn’t really a laptop. It’s tethered to my desk connected to the UPS. Hopefully that is a temporary thing. 

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