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Grand Central Sucks Too

To continue with my cranky geek trend today, Ken Camp beat me to the punch in saying that Grand Central sucks because it gives you yet another damned phone number. I too have a ton of phone numbers. I am reachable at my desk right now by no less than seven phone numbers. I’ve lost count of how many phone numbers I really have, and I’m sure it’s more than the nine Ken claims he has.

Grand Central has lots of cool features, I’ll give you that. However, it doesn’t make things any simpler for me. Pretty much everyone and their brother calls me on one number already: my mobile phone. I’m not telling everyone to call me on a different number–it’s too much work. As far as call management features go, if you call and I don’t want to talk to you, I either don’t answer it or I turn it off. Pretty damned simple and it doesn’t require a web browser.

Oh, for a “unified email” box? Have that. Between my Gizmo Project number and my mobile phone–the two numbers most of my calls are directed to–voicemails show up in my regular inbox. Gizmo, because it’s a feature they offer. For my mobile phones, you can thank the folks at GotVoice, a service that isn’t asking me to change my phone number, my calling habits, or anything like that. It just integrates with what I have. 

I don’t want cheap phone calls. I don’t want another phone number, either for me or the people I call. I want something that integrates with what I already have and makes life easier. Is that too much to ask? 

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