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How do I upgrade my Sipura without using Windows?

First, go to to find the latest firmware. Download this program to a local computer to upgrade your SPA with the latest firmware.

Please note: It is not ncessary to upgrade your SPA if your device is remotely provisioned by a service provider.

The easiest way to upgrade with the spa.bin file is to use the SPA-2000’s built-in web server interface, in conjunction with a TFTP server:

  1. If necessary, install a TFTP server on a PC on the same local subnet as the SPA-2000 (e.g. you may use the free TFTP server software from Most Linux distributions include a tftp server.
  2. Place the firmware upgrade “spa.bin” file in the tftp root directory of the active TFTP server.
  3. Determine the IP address of the powered-up SPA-2000 (IVR menu **#110#).
  4. Request the upgrade from a web browser. If the TFTP server is running on the same computer: assuming a.b.c.d is the SPA-2000 ip address, http://a.b.c.d/upgrade?/spa.bin. If the tftp server is on a different computer (a.b.c.d is the SPA-2000 adress, x.y.z.w is the tftp server address), use the following URL: http://a.b.c.d/upgrade?tftp://x.y.z.w/spa.bin
  5. The SPA should then get the new firmware from the TFTP server and reboot.

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