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No Agenda Wayback Machine

Getting you back to where it all began

A while ago, Ramsey Cain created a site called Classic No Agenda where he would periodically release episodes of No Agenda starting at Episode 1. Unfortunately, he only got as far as Episode 7.

On a recent trip, I had to be on an airplane for many many hours and wanted something to listen to. I decided, since I hadn’t listened to all the No Agenda episodes yet (I started listening around Episode 67 or so), why not learn the roots of The Best Podcast In The Universe direct from the source materials?

The problem is: I listen to most everything with a podcast app. These files have long since aged off of the No Agenda RSS feed. While I could listen to them one by one manually, or import them into specific podcast clients, it would just be better for the episodes to have an RSS feed so they could easily be imported into any podcast client.

And thus the reason this page exists. I have created–by hand–several RSS feeds for the oldest shows in groups of 10. These RSS feeds can be added to many podcast clients that support adding feeds by URL. The feeds should work with all things Apple or otherwise. Show notes for each episode, where availabie, are taken from the ones the late KD “Bubba” Martin posted in the No Agenda Netcast section of the Dvorak Cagematch forums. Show titles and the actual file downloads come from the No Agenda Show Archive operated by Aric “The Shill”.

Given No Agenda started at the end of 2007, the topics of the early shows are obviously not as relevant. That said, it is an interesting, and entertaining look back at recent history. You can hear the formula that us fans propagte being created and refined.

Eventually I hope to have RSS feeds for the entire back catalog of shows, in groups of 10. It’s going to take a while since I’m doing this entirely by hand, and I have other responsibilities. That said, I hope this will be useful to those of you who wish to jump into the No Agenda-powered Wayback Machine.

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RSS Feeds

Last Updated: 20 Feb 2017

The RSS feeds below validate using FEED Validator and should work in any podcast app. The iTunes links are for those people using Apple’s Podcast app on iOS or iTunes on a PC or Mac.

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