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The Nokia Tune: Grande Valse

For some reason, people want the old, monophonic version of the Nokia Tune, i.e. Grande Valse (or Gran Vals), as is often heard in the series TV Medium. Because I’ve gotten a couple of requests for it, mostly because of a post I made on my Vox blog some time ago, as a public service, I’m making a recording of this ring available in both MP3 and WAV format.

Wikipedia says that my employer owns the sound trademark on this. I don’t know if they do or not, but it wouldn’t surprise me. Hopefully this is fair use and/or the appropriate parties in Nokia don’t mind me doing this. If it’s a problem, I’ll take it down. Just send me an email.

Believe it or not, I still have a couple of phones that are able to play this old, monophonic ring. The Nokia 6340i that I have, which now has a dead battery, was what I used to play the ring and record it with another Nokia handset in WAV format. I also have a Nokia 6185–battery still works–that is capable of playing it as well.

To download these rings, right-click on the link and do a Save As. If you just click on them, they may or may not play, depending on whether or not what kind of browser you’re using.

If you want to download these direct to your phone (because you don’t have a way to transfer a WAV or MP3 file to your phone), I have provided shorter URLs that you can enter from your web-enabled mobile phone handset to download the files directly.

See also the complete history of the Nokia Tune (all versions).

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