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Tabletwear SD Pro Case for iPad Review

Within a day or two of each other, I got my latest iPad 2 accessory to review from my friends at Mobile Fun in the UK–the  SD TabletWear Advanced case (works for both iPad 2 and “The new iPad”) and the Soundwave SW50 (which, of course, works with iPhones or anything else with Bluetooth). In this post, I’ll review the TabletWear case.

I had previously been using the Hammerhead Hard Shell Case, which I reviewed, but it was definitely showing some signs of wear. The plastic was cracking and breaking in several places to the point where trying to use the case to prop up my iPad would sometimes result in the iPad actually coming out of the case. Clearly it is time for a new case.

The SD TabletWear Advanced case fits the bill. The lightweight (p)leather case has a pocket the iPad slides right into. A flap with velcro that runs underneath the iPad secures it in place. All the controls and ports are easily accessible. The front screen is well covered and even provides small pockets on the inside for business cards. The screen cover includes the magnets that automatically turn the iPad screen off as well as a magnetic clasp to secure the top cover.

The case can also be used to prop up the iPad for easier viewing. What I like best about this case is that it supports 20 different viewing angles. This is done by means of a flap on the back of the case secured with a strap and magnets that you can unfold and place into a series of slots on the other side of the case. The end result is the iPad can be propped up in 20 different viewing angles. It works well, as shown in this video review:

In any case, it seems like a good deal for around $30 USD.


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