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PhoneBoy Speaks Ep 38: Podcasts a GoGo!

Here’s the podcasts I mentioned in this episode:

  • Wall Street Journal Tech News Briefing iTunes, RSS), about 3-4 minutes twice every weekday
  • SANS Internet Storm Center Daily Stormcast (iTunes, RSS), about 5-10 minutes every weekday with the latest security news
  • DH Unplugged (iTunes, RSS), an hour-long show published weekly on the financial markets
  • The Voicemail (iTunes, RSS), a half-hour show about the mobile phone industry
  • Pocket Sized Podcasts (iTunes, RSS), a weekly iOS show
  • The Social Converse (iTunes, RSS), a weekly roundtable show about “anything and everything” tech
  • The Corbett Report (RSS), a weekly podcast dissecting the news from a different point of view. Less lengthy than an episode of No Agenda, but not nearly as entertaining.
  • The Critical Path (RSS, iTunes), a show contemplating the causality of success and failure in mobile computing.
  • What The Tech (RSS, iTunes), where Andrew Zarian and Paul Thurrott discuss the week’s tech news.

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PhoneBoy Speaks Ep 38: Podcasts a GoGo!

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