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PhoneBoy Speaks Ep 743: iFiles vs Transmit

Transmit for iOS is quite an expensive file transfer app at $10, which is a “limited time” price even. Then again, the App Store has spoiled us with cheap app prices and unlimited upgrades. This is likely closer to what a proper app should cost so developers have a more sustainable business model.

There are a few features in this app that I think make this app worthwhile over my previous go-to app iFiles, which I will still use for some specific use cases.

  • Syncing of servers and credentials across devices (off by default). I mostly use my iPhone but it does make it easier the few times I use my iPad.
  • Files can be imported/exported from/to iCloud Disk. Not that I use this often.
  • Files sent to Transmit from other apps via the share sheet can be immediately uploaded to a specific destination. Seeing as I use my iPhone to produce my podcast, including the show notes, this is something that will save me a few steps in my workflow.
  • It transfers files fast. Not sure exactly how it does this but it does.
  • Drag and drop interface. I’ve not seen this type of interface on a iPhone app. I can imagine this interface would be even better on an iPad.

Meanwhile I will still use iFiles in parallel because it supports more file transfer destinations (Google Drive, Dropbox, Google Photos, Flickr, and more), it shows me the number of bytes a file has, and allows me to record an audio file in any server location (both important for my podcast workflow). Also iFiles is significantly cheaper.


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PhoneBoy Speaks Ep 743: iFiles vs Transmit

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