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PhoneBoy Speaks Ep 835: Piracy: It's a Thing

I’m not afraid to say it: piracy exists. It’s out there, competing with legitimate methods of content distribution that are clearly not serving the needs of users. How come almost none of the coverage around “cord cutting” is willing to acknowledge this fact? How come the video content industry as a whole refuse to acknowledge the issue and actually try and address the problem the way the music industry has?


  • [After Eliminating Music Piracy, Norway Hits ‘First’ Movie Site TorrentFreak](
  • [When Analyzing Cord Cutting Options, Most TV Analysts Continue To Pretend Piracy Simply Doesn’t Exist Techdirt](
  • Once You Accept File-Sharing Is Here To Stay, You Can Focus On All The Positive Things

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PhoneBoy Speaks Ep 835: Piracy: It's a Thing

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